Since there are so many places in this blog to leave comments, I created this post as a place where we can leave general comments and “chat” with each other.


  1. joannefreespirit

    As I hold my book (Tell a Tale Project) in my hands, I treasure the works that are a part of it. Thank you all for your participation and for all the joy my book brings me. I so enjoyed working on your books too. I look forward to the next project.
    Happy summer to all,

  2. As the fourth project (Guess Who?) is progressing, I’m seeing how much it is like the first project in process. Each stage requires one to think differently about one’s “responsibility” to the piece. At the second and third stages, additions to the piece are going to direct the path of the piece’s development. At the fourth and fifth stages (about in the middle of the process), I have had to think about how much or little to add so that the next people have some space (both figurative and physical) for making their additions. And at the last stages, one has to think about how to best finish the piece. We are at the third stage now in Guess Who, and I’m a bit stumped with Valerie and Jim’s “Head Case”.

  3. joannefreespirit

    This completed work (portraits) made me “smile” out loud! Thanks for all of the fun additions! Gosh, I love Arting Around projects.

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