Since there are so many places in this blog to leave comments, I created this post as a place where we can leave general comments and “chat” with each other.


  1. Hello everyone–What are you thinking of doing for this next (6th) project, Art Is the New Black? I am torn between two pieces, between “decoration” and “art”. I went to a Word Camp (Word Press conference) last weekend and got the usual t-shirt. I thought it would be fun for everyone to decorate it–cut outs, beading, applique, painting–whatever would make it a lot of fun to wear to the next Word Camp. I’ve already been putting rhinestones on it. But would that be merely decorating? The other piece, the “Thinking Cap,” would require us all to think more creatively. I think I’ll do both pieces and decide which to mail out later. Any thoughts about which you’d like to do, Circle One?

    • quiltzzz

      hmmmm, my inclination is to circle “thinking cap” since it has been listed as your prospective project and I have become very intrigued! And it seems so Charlotte-esque.

      But nothing wrong with “merely decorating” a t-shirt… or, do I envision the urge to deconstruct? yep. : )
      or any number of things that can happen with a t-shirt! Both sound fun.

      Love this project!

      Julie “quiltzzz”

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