How It Got Started

In January 2012, I met my friend Alicia and sister Paula for lunch at Monty’s Blue Plate Diner in Madison, Wisconsin, where we came up with an idea to create art, have fun, and stay connected: a collaborative, “art chain” project. For the first project, each artist in a group would start a small (8×10) art piece and then mail it to the next artist in the circle. Each artist would then add to the piece received and send it on to the next person until the piece returned to the original artist. Each piece would have been added to by all of the other artists in the group, who would each sign the back.

When we described the idea to friends, we had so many takers that we created two groups of six artists (or pairs of artists) in each group. As a result, twelve art pieces circulated around these two circles, with the first mailing on February 1st and subsequent mailings every two weeks. The pieces returned to their original artists on April 15th.

A second project was started in June 2012, with two mailing circles of 8 artists each. The goal of this project was to “tell a tale” (defined as the artists saw fit), with everyone starting a book (defined in various ways) and each subsequent artist adding visual or textual material to it.

A third project is being developed, to start in January 2013, called “Dream House.” Details for that project will be posted to the website.

This website showcases the projects and provides a place for the artists and their friends to comment on the pieces.


P.S. Thanks to Jan for the name Arting Around.

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