How It Works

Anyone can view and comment on the project galleries. Those people who want to participate in the fun inform Charlotte, who then puts them in a mailing circle. Once the instructions for the project are complete and a start date is set, each person begins a art piece and writes out any specific instructions pertinent to that piece. The initiating artist then mails the piece to the next person on the list, by the mailing deadline, and receives, a few days later, the next piece.

Each stage is two weeks, with mailing deadlines on the first and the fifthteenth of each month. This keeps the art pieces moving steadily around the circle. If the circle has six people, for example, the project will last three months. We found that two weeks is a good time frame, since it gives people enough time to add something to the pieces without letting them agonize and second-guess themselves, or over-think or over-revise, or worse yet–lose the piece.

Once the pieces have made their way round the circle, they arrive back at their starting point, ready for framing by the initiating artists.

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