Tell It Blue (Book) (Naftali)

[Accompanying a stack of blank blue books, one for each participant, are the following instructions:]

Final exam

Arting Around 102

Tell a Tale: Tell it Blue (Book)

Summer 2012

Dr. Naftali Rottenstreich

Behold, the humble blue book! Anyone who has ever taken a final exam in college should be familiar with this homey artifact. But consider its paradox: flimsily made, it is the emblem of  cheap mass production. (In fact, many blue books, including the one you are now holding, are made in prisons.) At the same time, however, it is—in theory, at least—a medium for serious work, as the fate of a student’s academic career often rests on what he/she puts down on its pages. For this, your final exam, consider the possibilities and the limitations of the blue book as you use it as the vehicle for our tale. Be as whimsical or as profound as you would like. “Fill” as much of the book as possible with currency, photos, thread, illustrations, text, metal shavings, feathers, soil, gold leaf, and silences. Test the weight of the ephemeral. Plagiarism and artistic theft are highly encouraged.

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