The Know Book (Rebecca)


  1. I just got my hands on this book and will try to match the quality of the previous artists. As the last person in the cycle, I feel the pressure to “wrap it up” with something profound. I’m glad to see that Rebecca has left a last page for herself to do. Whew!

  2. Now that I have the book in my possession, I have also been able to read the small print on each of the pages. Carla–I laughed so hard at yours! I love it! And of course, knowing you, I got a special kick from the ‘boredom with old cars’ area–sorry Joe! The Nash is just lovely. If we could only all go back in time.

  3. rjfjc

    Thank you all for your contributions to my book. I love each and every contribution and it was so much fun doing the books with all of you. I looked forward to seeing each book that came my way, and it is so cool to have a “completed” book (I need to finish the last page, so it isn’t quite done). But, really, all of you creative and interesting people, thanks for letting me KNOW and see what you KNOW!

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