“What the %#@! Is Contemporary Art?” (Jeff)

Click on any image to start a slide show.


  1. I chose to think of the precursors to contemporary art (how ever any of those words are defined) rather than answering Jeff’s question directly. Those of you who were art history majors will see the references to Dali and Magritte, two of my favorite artists. There’s a small reference to Grant Wood, too.

    By the way, I cut out the background so that subsequent artists had more of a “canvas” on which to work.

  2. I talked with Jeanne at a gallery reception on Thursday (Sept. 12), and she described her addition to this portrait. It’s going to be quite a collage by the time it’s done. Jeff–You’re going to have to find a suitable frame for it, something that would fit in at the Walker.

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