“Wordcamp Upcycle” (Charlotte)

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  1. “Wordcamp Upcycle”

    Hello Arting Arounders:

    I got this t-shirt at a Wordcamp in Providence in September 2014. Wordcamps are conferences hosted by Word Press at various times and various locations around the world to help people use Word Press. I went to one held at the University of Rhode Island in Providence, and this t-shirt was part of the conference “swag.”

    I don’t like to wear clothing with advertising or with souvenir text, but I also don’t like throwing things out. Rather than cutting the shirt into painting rags, I’d rather it become fashion. Help me make this t-shirt into something I can actually wear.

    Where will I wear it? Quite possibly to another Wordcamp, so I’d like the words “word”, “camp”, and “providence” to remain visible on the shirt, but the text can be manipulated in any way that you like (as long as the shirt is still something I can wear in polite society). Play around with interpretations of “word” and “camp” and “providence”.

    The shirt can be reshaped, cut, distressed, covered with bling, tailored, painted, dyed—whatever you like. I will need to wash it, so washability is the only constraint.

    Looking forward to wearing my arty shirt.

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