ARTING AROUND PROJECT #7 (August 2015 – October 2015)



Each participant starts a piece of wearable art, which is added to by each of the other participants in turn, in two-week blocks of time, with the piece eventually returning to the original artist. Photos of the finished pieces will be posted on

Charlotte will create a mailing order, so participants will always get a piece from one person (the same person each time) and will always send it on to the same next recipient.

Participants have each art piece for two weeks, with mailing deadlines on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Sticking to the mailing deadline is important, as it keeps all pieces moving at the same pace and ensures that the projects get completed at the same time. If you are overwhelmed with other work or have artist’s block, just mail the piece on to the next person—without any feelings of guilt! Do not hold on to the piece.

Two or more people in the same household could, if desired, work as a single artist, or they could work separately one after the other or even in a different order. Just let Charlotte know.


  1. Start with a new or old item of clothing or accessory. This could be a hat, scarf, shirt, belt, tote bag, necktie—or anything appropriate for your project. Large or heavy items, such as shoes or a jacket, which might be expensive to mail, should be chosen only if the other artists are okay with the added expense.
  1. Consider the end use for your item. Where will you wear it and why? Come up with a title that suits the item.
  1. Begin your piece. Draw, collage, paint, write, sew, cut, distress, dye, bead, felt—anything that is basically two-dimensional (so it can be mailed easily). Variations on this are fine, as long as the piece can be mailed easily.
  1. Write a note to the participating artists about the end use for the item. You can also include further instructions for the participants. For instance, if you want to wear your item in the rain, be sure to let artists know not to add anything that will disintegrate in water (or maybe that would be the point).
  1. TAKE A PICTURE OF THE ITEM AFTER YOU HAVE STARTED IT AND EMAIL THE PHOTO TO CHARLOTTE. This step is very important. She will post it to the Arting Around website. If you wrote instructions for the piece, photograph them, too, for the website so others can see what the project is about.
  1. Mail your item to your recipient.
  1. A few days after the 1st or the 15th, you will receive the next item. Before you add anything, take a picture of it and email it to Charlotte. (This is to ensure that pictures get done of each stage, and it also gives Charlotte two pictures from which to choose the best one for lighting and focus.)
  1. Add to the item, following any instructions from the originating artist.
  1. Take a picture of it and email it to Charlotte. Then mail the piece to your recipient by the next mailing date.
  1. When everyone has contributed to every piece, you will get your original back, ready to wear! Have someone take a picture of you (or take a selfie) wearing the item (and send it to Charlotte).


With just four people in each circle, the items might not have enough alterations and embellishments, or each participant would have to do 25% of the project. The best number of participants for these circles is five or six. Here’s what I suggest we do:

When a person’s project gets to the last person in the circle, that person should find a friend to add one stage to that one project, which then gets returned to the originating artist. For example, Valerie’s project will go to Joyce on August 1st, to Robin on August 15th, and to Joanne on September 1st. Joanne, instead of sending to Valerie on September 15th, will find a willing victim (“participating artist”) to add the last touches. Perhaps Joanne and the other artist could do the last two stages together, so they would have a month to work together. Then Joanne will mail the completed project back to Valerie on October 1st.

An alteration to this would be if Joanne has a friend in another location who would like to do the last stage of Valerie’s project, in which case, Joanne would mail the project to that person on September 15th and that person would mail the completed project to Valerie on October 1st.

If we do this, each circle will have five stages, the four listed plus an extra one at the end of the cycle. One benefit to this is that other people could get involved without having to commit to an entire project.

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