Each participant will start a piece of art, which will then be added to by each of the other participants in turn, in two-week blocks of time, eventually returning to the original artist. Photos of the finished pieces will be gathered into a group album.


1. Start with an 8 x 10 base. This could be foam core, illustration board, matt board, or anything appropriate for your project.

2. Begin your art piece. Draw, collage, paint, write, sew—anything that is basically two-dimensional (so it can be mailed easily).

3. Come up with a title and write the title on the back. Sign the back, too. It would also be helpful to add a note identifying your contribution.

4. Mail your art piece to your recipient in sturdy enough packaging so that the same packaging can be re-used by each of the remaining recipients.

NOTES: –You will have each art piece for about two weeks, with mailing deadlines on the 1st and the 15th of each month. This is important, as it will keep all pieces moving at the same pace and will ensure that the projects get completed at the same time. –In the interest of simplicity, Alicia and Charlotte will create a mailing order, so you will always get a piece from one same person and will always send it on to another same recipient. –Two more people in the same household could, if desired, work as a single artist, or they could work separately one after the other or in a different order or different group. Just let us know.

5. A few days after the 1st or the 15th, you will receive the next art piece. Before you add anything, take a picture of it. Then add to it, sign the back, and mail it on to your recipient. What do you add? Anything that inspires you. You can follow the theme suggested by the title—or not. The only request is that you don’t unduly burden the following recipients in how they have to package the piece for further mailing.

6. When everyone has contributed to every piece, you will get your original back, ready for framing! Take a picture of your final piece and email all photos either to Alicia (group 1) or Charlotte (group 2). They will collate the photos into albums.

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