Charlotte’s Dream House

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  1. If you want to sing along to the entire “anthem,” here it is:

    “Song of the Open Road (Some Day I’ll Fly!!!)”

    Oh the open road, it’s calling me!
    The open road is where I want to be!
    The open road, she beckons!
    Wandering and wondering on the open road!

    Oh Northwoods when I’m on your trails
    You whip up a snowstorm and say to me, “Let’s dance!”
    Oh! I thought you’d never ask! Oh Northwoods!
    La la la! La la la!

    The road she is a rambler just like you and me
    Our souls howl like wolves for the freedom of birds on the wing

    Oh the open road–my wheels are a spinnin’
    Watching wooly clouds–and a-joyously singin’
    Hey ditty-ditty, La dee da da!

    My heart lifts with the rising sun
    I travel to distant shores,
    A pleasure I wish for everyone.
    Song for the open road
    Feeling the heat of the sun.
    To drive along with changing horizon,
    A chance to share what has begun.
    Song for the open road
    Gliding in a wood paneled van,
    The wind blowing past my chin.
    My thoughts carry away with the rolling clouds
    Song for the open road
    Take me to a new place to roam.

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