start date January 15, 2013 with the first mailing on February 1


Explore the idea of “dream house” in text and image.


1. You will start with a fixed number of separate sheets of paper. (Charlotte will mail packets to the artists.)

2. Decide on an end use for your sheets of paper. Possible end results could be:

–sheets are connected together into a three-dimensional sculpture

–sheets are used as pages and bound together into a book

–sheets are framed and hung separately

–sheets are cut or folded into a mobile

–sheets are cut up and used in a collage

Stumped for ideas? Go to the Chat Room to post ideas and read others’ ideas.

3. Write up any specific instructions for subsequent artists and get the project going by doing the first step.

4. Take a picture (or pictures) of what you did and email the picture(s) to Charlotte.

5. Mail your project to your recipient on or before the deadline. Deadlines will always be the first and the fifteenth of the month.

6. When you receive the next project, add to it using the instructions of the initial artist. Take pictures and send to Charlotte, then mail the project to your recipient.

7. When everyone has contributed to every work, you will get your original back, ready for publication or framing! Take any further pictures that might be needed or desired and email to Charlotte.

Postage and Materials Fund

Because some artists have had to mail every piece while others could deliver the pieces in person, and because artists will each receive a packet of paper at the start of the project, we ask that participating artists contribute $25 to a postage/materials fund. The money will be used to cover the cost of the paper and the initial mailing and to reimburse people for postage. The $25 should be sent to Charlotte.

If you would like to be reimbursed for postage, keep track of what you spend and let Charlotte know the total amount at the end of the project, after which she will reimburse you in full (or in part if the funds are not sufficient). If any money is left over, it will go toward the cost of the web site.


–You will have each art piece for about two weeks, with mailing deadlines on the 1st and the 15th of each month. This is important, as it will keep all pieces moving at the same pace and will ensure that the projects get completed at the same time. Some people have asked about having more than two weeks, but it is important to keep the turnaround time at two weeks for these reasons: 1) the 1st and 15th are easy to remember, 2) a quick turnaround prevents one from overthinking, and 3) the project gets done in three or four months, which seems about the right time frame for these projects.

–As Charlotte gets the photos, she will post them to Arting Around. For participants who need more than two weeks for turnaround, this will allow them to view the book before they receive it—and it will let members of the site who are not doing this project to participate vicariously.

–If you are not able to take and email photos, find someone who will do this for you. Buy a friend a coffee in exchange for having the friend take and email a photo with a cell phone.

–If you will be unable to participate at one or another stage, it is perfectly fine to find a “sub.” This could be a family member, friend, or another person in one of the circles. Or you could arrange a different mailing schedule or address with the person before and/or after you.

–Alicia and Charlotte will create a mailing order, so you will always get a piece from one same person and will always send it on to another same recipient. If we have more than one circle, we will try to create groups that have an interesting mix of word people and image people and of people from different states.

–Two or more people in the same household could, if desired, work as a single artist, or they could work separately one after the other or in a different order or different group. Just let us know.

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