Robin’s Dream House

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  1. Here are the instructions sent from Robin:

    Help me complete my dream house by taking one page and filling in the white space any way you want—paint, collage, draw, etc.—and write (or find) a poem that fits the theme of the room. I’m taking a poetry class this semester and am absorbed in reading poetry whenever I can. Plus, I especially enjoy reading poems about home. Poems and artwork can fill both sides of the page.

    Some pages have more white space than others, and you can choose to work on more than one page if you want—just make sure there’s still room for the people at the end. The last page is a special page that everyone should add to. In my dream house I would have an art room, in which I would hold art making parties for all the creative people I know. You’re all invited, so put yourself in the room and help yourself to a cup of tea. Feel free to fill the shelves with art supplies, paint the walls, fill the blank frame, tile the floor, or paint the scene outside the window. If someone wants, they can write a poem for this room too.

    The rooms (or places) in my dream house are: bedroom, kitchen, garden, rabbit hutch, arting around room, and reading nook. By the end of the project, each page should be filled and have a poem. Don’t forget to sign your name somewhere on the back of the arting around room page.

    Have fun! I can’t wait to see the end product!


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